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 Begun in 1979, Berrien Bass Busters (BBB) is located in Berrien County. 


In general, the BBB has the same purposes as the other bass fishing clubs enjoyment; fellowship; competition; exchange of bass fishing ideas; conservation; promotion of bass fishing as a major sport; and most importantly, responding to the threats to the quality of bass fishing and bass fishing waters, and the future of the sport.

Members practice catch and release fishing, both during tournaments and spare-time fishing. This “exercising the fish” approach maintains the population of reproductive size bass and provides more fish for others to catch. All members are expected to use proper methods of caring for and handling bass from the hooking to the release.



The membership of BBB represents a wide variety of occupations and includes some retirees. Members are either boat owners or non-boat owners, but all are interested in

fishing for bass and protecting this great game fish and its waters for fishermen of future generations. The Berrien Bass Busters provide equal opportunity for all persons regardless

of race, religion, color, sex, height, weight, marital status, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability.



The annual dues for BBB are fifty dollars ($50.00) per year. Payable by the new member at the time of joining BBB and at the October meeting thereafter. To join the Lunker

Club, a member must pay Five dollars ($5.00) at the time of joining or by the April meeting thereafter.  At the year-end Annual Awards Banquet, the total amount collected from members of the Lunker Club is awarded to the member catching the largest bass during a club tournament.



The prospective BBB member is asked to read this booklet, the BBB Constitution and Bylaws and the BBB Tournament Rules.  If interested, fill out the enclosed membership application completely and return it to the next meeting of the genral membership. The application will be reviewed and the prospective member interviewed by the Executive Board and general membership. The prospective member should have a sponsor, a club member in good standing to assist in the interview process.  The membership  will make its recommendation by motion on the floor to regading any new prespective BBB memberat a regular meeting. The General Membership will then vote on accepting or rejecting the recommendation..





Regular meetings of BBB are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Tryon School building at the corner of John Beers Rd and Scottstale Rd. in Bainbridge township or at a location determined suitable for related club business.  The meetings are open to the public and all are cordially invited to attend. The meetings generally consist of old and new business, committee reports, and a general discussion of related club events.  There shall be at least (6) meetings per year.



The officer of BBB consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, who make up the Executive Board and are elected annually.



 Committees within BBB may be formed to address Membership, Youth, and Social Activities.  Members may volunteer for any of these committees or the President, who is an ex-official member of each committee, may appoint them. Committees may be appointed, as required by the President.



The activities of BBB are diversified in an attempt to involve both the member and the member’s family. Activities may include: clean-up and structuring of fishing waters, garage

sales, youth fishing days, picnics, tournaments, and the Annual Awards Banquet which ends the year.  The clean up and structuring of fishing waters may include work done at lake and river fishing sites and launch ramps. Such work may include picking up trash, placing fish attracting structure in the water and other fishing related community service projects.

Garage sales, baseball and volleyball games, etc. are primarily conducted to raise needed funds for programs to be conducted by the club during the year. Articles for the garage

sales are donated by the members or their neighbors. Tackle swaps are also held but are usually attended by members and friends Picnics are designed to involve all members of each family in fellowship and contests. They may be held in conjunction with a fun fishing tournament.  Tournaments (see Tournament Rules enclosed) are the “glue” that holds the club together. Tournament sites and dates are selected by the general membership and schedules prepared for review by the club. At the meeting prior to each tournament, pairings of boaters and non-boaters are made by blind draw. The boater and non-boater usually travel together to the tournament site sharing fuel, food and motel or camping expenses. The non-boater is requested to provide a minimum fee paid directly to his/her respective boater.  This fee is to defray the costs associated with boat transport and operation (see Tournament Rules for non-boater fees and costs).. The tournament entry fees are determined by the general membership on an annual basis.

By-Laws and Tournaments

Berrien Bass Busters By-Laws

Berrien Bass Busters Tournament Rules




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